MW3 Health Water Filtration System

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MW3 Health Water Filtration System

USA ceramic with 100% natural KieselguhrThe MW3 water filtration system includes 3 types of cartridge filters with 16 stage filtration standards, removes sediments, heavy metal (e.g. lead, cadmium, mercury etc.) bacteria, giardiasis, pesticide (CAT), volatile organic compound (VOC), cysts, chlorine odours, foul taste, TTHM and carcinogens. The medical stone supply approximately more than 80 kinds of minerals which human body needed. Mineral ball can stabilize the Ph rate.


MW3 Health Water Filtration System

Dimensions : L300mm x W100mm x H330mm

Weight : 4.5Kg

Water Pressure30-60PSI

Water Flow2-3Litres/min

 Please remove the cartridge before testing the system

Filter: PMSE, MW3-2 & MW3-3