HDB1500 Electrical Bidet

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HDB1500 Electronic Bidet Introduction To prevent general gynecologic disease, such as the hygiene problem during menstrual period. To lighten constipation that could help beautify, to reduce weight and to ease off hemorrhoids. Help family that have elderly and disable person, to relieve doing cleaning jobs. Enema wash (strong warm water flows go into anus and give a evacuation cleaning), warm seat (not cold anymore in winter), warm wind drying and deodorization by using activated carbon, give a clean and hygiene lifestyle.

Made in Korea. The newest and long lasting design. Free deliver. Free size checking. 1 year Hong Kong on-site warranty.

In Hong Kong, most of the people work busy and under pressure, also not having meal on time, which would easily get constipation, hemorrhoids or other diseases which are commonly found in modern cities problems. Sufferers usually hard to cure completely, especially women. Also the toilet’s hygiene problem in there working area is one of the issues that made them refuse to use it. Besides with the psychological factor and working pressure, constipation or hemorrhoids problems may come easily. In Japan and Korea, people have started using electronic bidet since 20 years ago.

Therefore, the common modern cities problems are less happen on them. The other benefits of electronic bidet are helping elderly and disable person, electronic bidet can let them clean themselves, to avoid embarrassed and revert confidence. Nowadays, electronic bidets have already developed to become multi-function, long lasting, easy to use and automatic self cleaning to ensure personal hygiene.


  1. Wash – water spray through nozzle to ensure cleanliness.
  2. Bidet – design specially for women’s diary hygiene
  3. Dry – blowing warm wind after washing
  4. Massage – Nozzle moving back and forward to spray warm water, the range of moving and speed can be chosen at 5 levels
  5. Warm seat – 3 levels of heating function
  6. Bubble wash – water pressure of wash water with soft bubble alternately gets strong and weak
  7. Pulse – rhythmic spray wash water alternately gets strong and weak, stimulating for people with constipation
  8. Deodorization – using activated carbon to purify the air, weakened or remove the smell around the bidet
  9. Enema wash – strong water flows go into anus and give a feeling of evacuation cleaning
  10. Child – design for children, water pressure and speed will be lower

Other function

  • Automatic Energy Save
  • Seat senor
  • Wash position adjustment
  • Nozzle Self cleaning
  • Continuous warm water supply
  • Water pressure / warm wind adjustment
  • Soft seating – Automatic function
  • Memory saving HDB 1500